Part 1: How value-driven implementation process can benefit your project


Creating innovative digital solutions requires a rigorous process combining multiple phases and teams working together towards a common goal. It also requires a product team that can effectively drive value for all the stakeholders along the project lifecycle.

At every stage of the project, whether it involves Discovery, Prototyping/Proofs of Concept (POCs), Implementation, or Post-project support, each role within the project team drives tangible and intangible benefits in unique ways to make the project a success.

With this in mind, we will be interviewing and collaborating with our teammates over the coming months in a new blog series. In this series, we will shine a light on the “behind-the-scenes” value that different roles bring to the table during each phase of a project.

Starting with Discovery

Before we put pen to paper or enter a line of code, our team first ensures that we have the same level of understanding between all stakeholders on what, why, how, and for who we are creating the solution.

To do this, we commonly start our Discovery phase with a series of stakeholder discussions/interviews and design-thinking-led workshops where our team can learn more about the client’s underlying business and user challenges. We then use this information to craft out possible solutions and/or directions for further research, wireframing, user testing, and technical proofs of concepts.

Our Marketing team sat down with TTT’s Project Leads to gain an insight on how they use the project’s Discovery phase to help clients better understand the problems they are trying to solve and how we can attack them.

“During Discovery, we take a deep dive into the problems our clients are facing so that we can focus on their root causes. This helps us prioritize our effort and shape the type of solutions that will drive the highest return on investment.” — Mark MacKew, Director of Business Development

“Understanding a client’s business problems, and helping to inform and refine a solution through the lenses of our design, technical, business, and project management experts is incredibly rewarding, both for us and for the client. We help to put ideas on a feasible trajectory to becoming something tangible.” — Jaclynn Wong, Project Manager

“This stage of the process is where we collaborate with our clients to discover the why and start to explore the how of a project. Understanding the business goals, the user needs and technical limitations before we hand over to our team of problem solvers and implementers.” — Mark Wilson, UX Director

“Some domains such as medical, finance, etc. have regulations imposed by the governing bodies which the application needs to comply with; this adds a lot of complexity in terms of non-functional requirements related to security & performance. An architect would be able to research and provide guidance around it during the discovery phase.” — Sahil Shirodkar, Director of Engineering & Lead Architect

Concluding thoughts

Discovery is only the first step of your project journey. Our highly skilled team, our battle-tested processes, and our years of experience in building and launching software solutions allow us to produce user-centric applications that drive value to those who matter most.

In the next blog of this series, we’ll share how our team brings value to your project during the prototyping phase.

Originally published at on January 17, 2022.




We are a Digital Innovation Studio focused on empowering businesses through technology

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TTT Studios

We are a Digital Innovation Studio focused on empowering businesses through technology

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