How to Give Designers Meaningful Feedback

Creating the best client-designer relationship

Be on the Same Page

It’s obvious that any given project is going to be near and dear to a client’s heart. That’s why it’s so difficult for them to imagine a designer adopting their level of dedication and enthusiasm. What clients don’t sense is that designers are an especially passionate type of people, and any project we take on is one we put every ounce of energy and devotion into. We recognize the client’s adoration towards their line of work, and strive to match that.

Provide Visual References

Designers are visual people. We work with an artistic medium and tend to be thought of as the “creative type”. Whether or not we’re actually the artsy archetype people imagine us to be, one thing is for sure: we like visual references.

Give Specific Requests

Many clients are intimidated to communicate with designers because they don’t understand design terminology. Truth is, they’re not expected to. Specificity is the most useful language between clients and designers. Being specific, detailed and precise will alleviate a lot of the uncertainty designers face when receiving feedback.

Communicate Your Purpose

Although a design may be beautiful or engaging, it may not fulfill the purpose of a project. In order to create a successful final product, a designer must know the purpose of the design and it’s intended audience. It’s the end user that should be at the forefront of every decision. In order to achieve this hierarchy of thought, clients need to inform designers of their business goals and intended audience. This will spark effective communication and lead to creativity in problem solving and collaboration.

Trust Your Designer

Designers are typically hired based on positive word of mouth, an outstanding portfolio or extensive experience. This means that at the end of the day, the individual a client is working with is trained, educated and passionate. It’s important to trust that a good designer will produce good work. Moreover, it’s helpful to remember that a dialogue is more effective than a quick remark. Designers spend hours researching, dreaming of and executing design solutions. Believing in a designer’s efforts and communicating in a way that reflects this belief can make the feedback process much more effortless.

Designers are People too

Above all, it’s good to remember that designers are people, not aliens. We want to grow our skills and provide the best service possible, which is why feedback is so important to us. We love what we do and want to create amazing results. When clients are trusting, specific and effectively communicative, designers are able to produce the best work possible — and create a meaningful relationship along the way.



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A digital consulting and software development company that transforms your ideas into 2D & 3D digital experiences that users love –>